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Woof-Woof Returns

Handcrafted Woof-Woof Doll Made to Replicate the Iconic Tv Prop From the Munsters

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Eddie's Official Woof-Woof is Back!!!

Meet Butch "Eddie" Patrick's one and only Official Replica Doll. He's made his way back from the 1980s with a brand-new look and is available for special order. Each Woof-Woof is completely hand-constructed and painstakingly hand-painted to replicate this iconic 1960s TV prop, which graduated to no less a presence than any of the show's cast members.

Who can think of "The Munsters" without thinking of Woof-Woof? This fan doll is professionally sculpted from Butch's own numerous unpublished, personal photos of the actual doll itself by an artist who's been crafting high-end sculptures for close to 60 years. Perfect in its every craggy detail. This little guy is correct in looks, specs, and size with beautifully hand-tailored pajamas. An extra button is sewn into the inside of the PJ top and the stunningly embroidered Bat Logo, taken right from the original screen-used pajamas. It carries Butch's signature label on the doll and inside his PJs.

We've paid extreme attention to each detail of this doll to ensure pinpoint accuracy. Don't miss out on these beautiful art pieces. They are not mass-produced, but handmade to order. This is a MUST for any devoted fan of the Classic TV series.

Your doll will include an official hologram sticker on the Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by both Butch Patrick and the artist. Doll also includes an autographed photo of the original TV Woof-Woof, hand signed by Butch, with careful instructions on how to keep and maintain the beauty of your doll for many years to come. Butch Patrick will personally have a video call with every doll purchaser, and he'll sign your dolls when making personal appearances at conventions. This Butch "Eddie" Patrick, Officially Endorsed Woof-Woof Doll has it all, and you'll not find a complete collector's item package anywhere! Since each piece is handmade, each one will have its own slightly individual look, so you are assured and guaranteed a one-of-a-kind doll all your own.

Included with your doll is an official hologram sticker on the certificate of authenticity. The doll also includes an Autograph photo of the official TV Woof Woof

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Pricing and Payment

The cost is $2500 + $100 shipping for one finished doll in pajamas. Suit is sold separately by special order for $250. Payment is made through Zelle and Venmo. Contact us for more information.

Send the payment of $1250 deposit to start the commission of your doll.

Your doll is not shipped until it's inspected and in perfect condition.

The Official Butch "Eddie" Patrick dolls will increase exponentially in value as each is a unique handmade, correct replica of the original doll. There are no other dolls of this caliber or accuracy on the market today, as this is Butch's chosen, endorsed Woof-Woof Doll. Clothing is tailored by a fine custom clothier and are well-fitted clothes, made of high-end fabrics and are not typical doll quality clothes.

Terms & Conditions

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